Ezhur Chetty Temples

ஏழூர் செட்டி கோயில்கள்

Ezhur Chetty community maintains many temples.  This page is an effort to collect data about these temples and act as a reference to community members.  We need volunteers to create pages for every temple in the list.  If you can collect required information, please send the details through this page or express your desire to contribute through comments below.

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List of Temples

(In alphabetical order)

  • Colachal Mutharamman Temple.
  • Colachal Desiga Vinayagar Temple.
  • Colachal Bhoothathan Temple.
  • Colachal Nagaramman Temple.
  • Eraniel Singa Reksha Vinayakar Devasthanam Pillayar Temple
  • Eraniel Mutharamman Temple
  • Ganapathipuram AnnaVinayagar Temple.
  • Ganapathipuram Vandimalachi Amman Temple.
  • Kottar Nayanar Desika Vinayakar Temple.
  • Midalam Dhaiva Vinayagar-Mutharamman Temple.
  • Midalam shivan Temple.
  • Midalam Nagaramman Temple.
  • Padmanabhapuram Mutharamman Temple.
  • Padmanabhapuram Pillayar Temple.
  • Parakkai Madhusuthana Perumal Temple.
  • Parakkai Chudalamadan Temple.
  • Parakkai Muthu Vinayagar Temple.
  • Parakkai Keelatheru mutharamman Temple.
  • Parakkai Chettitheru Mutharamman Temple.
  • Thiruvithancode Umayorupakam Pillayar Temple.
  • Thiruvithancode Chudalai Maadan Temple.
  • Thiruvithancode Muthu Vayiravar Amman Temple.
  • Therisanamkoppu Sivan Temple and Amman Temple.
  • Thiruvananthapuram Nandavanam Nagaramman Temple.

Other temples maintained by Ezhur Chetty Families